Jon Yu


Data Scientist and Medical Device Engineer

On the product side, I primarily worked with infrared and thermal-based spatial tracking algorithms within the radiation oncology and neuro/ENT-surgery specialties. Conversely within the business realm, I utilized various machine learning classification and regression models to translate Salesforce metrics into predictive sales volume and service contract renewals.



Alternative Approach to Airbnb Ratings using Natural Language Processing and Unsupervised Learning

Python | Pandas | Sci-kitLearn | Numpy | NLTK | WordCloud | LANGDETECT | MatPlotLib | Plotly | Tableau

Machine Learning Classification of U.S. Permanent Labor Certification Applications

Python | Pandas | Sci-kitLearn | Numpy | Seaborn | SHAP | XGBoost

Predicting Divvy Ridership Demand through Multiple Regression Analysis and Web Scraping

Python | Pandas | Sci-kitLearn | Numpy | SQLAlchemy | Selenium | MatPlotLib | Seaborn

Constructing and Deploying Chicago Food Safety Inspection Data Pipeline through Streamlit

Python | Pandas | Numpy | JSON | MatPlotLib | Seaborn | Plotly | Folium | Streamlit

Exploratory Data Analysis of NYC Subway Turnstile Traffic and Adjacent Crime Density

Python | Pandas | Numpy | SQLAlchemy | Folium | GeoPandas | Contextily | Shapely | Seaborn | MatPlotLib

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